Orange County Superior Court Rejects Z-Ultimate’s Weak Attempt to Dismiss USSD’s Lawsuit

USSD is getting its day in court over the wrongful actions taken by Z-Ultimate owners. In a March 5 ruling, Superior Court Judge David Chaffee summarily denied Z-Ultimate’s attempt to dismiss USSD’s lawsuit.  Now, trial will begin on May 29 on all of USSD’s 13 claims against Kris Eszlinger and his Z Ultimate colleagues Paul Taylor, William Clark, Hans Prosch, Frank Ley, Russell Clegg and Eric Perlman.

USSD’s claims include breach of fiduciary duty, constructive fraud, violation of California Penal Code 502 (prohibiting unauthorized access, alteration and interference to computer networks), trademark infringement/dilution, civil conspiracy, contract interference, breach of written contract and unfair business practices.

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