Sample Cases

Lender Liability

Settlement: $3.2 million plaintiff settlement including $2.7 million in cash and $500,000 in personal loan forgiveness.
Settlement: $7.5 million lender liability settlement involving a dispute over a hotel foreclosure.
Verdict: $7.6 million lender liability verdict against a mortgage loan broker and its affiliated lender.
Verdict: $4.5 million jury verdict on behalf of a food processing company.
Settlement: $11.5 million settlement in a lender liability matter involving wrongful foreclosure of an office tower.
Verdict: $70.8 million award to an aircraft manufacturer in a complex lender liability dispute.
Verdict: $7.5 million verdict in which a public company sued its lender over conversion of the borrower’s property.

Complex Business Litigation

Verdict: $41.7 million jury verdict in case involving breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriated trade secrets, breached employee contracts and other misconduct.
Verdict: $6.5 million in compensatory damages and $1.2 million in punitive damages.
Settlement: negotiated a $50 million buyout of oceanfront land for 45 homeowners.
Verdict: $3.49 million jury verdict in a legal malpractice case.
Verdict: $1.5 million jury award in a breach of fiduciary duty, breach of the covenant of good faith and contract breach case.
Verdict: $4.6 million jury verdict in a breach of contract trial.

Plaintiffs’ Class Actions

Verdict: $3.5 million jury verdict that found Wells Fargo Bank had violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act in a lending discrimination case.
Settlement: $7.5 million settlement in a multi-district class action arising out of the defendant’s failure to honor the fixed rate of interest charged on balance transfers.
Settlement: $86 million class action settlement involving alleged conspiracy among five major airlines to fix commissions paid to travel agencies.
Settlement: $12.5 million settlement in a class action case arising out of the defendants’ alleged securities fraud.
Settlement: $13.8 million class action case involving an alleged agreement among five major grocery chains to fix and maintain retail prices of milk sold in Southern California.
Settlement: $4 million class action settlement concerning securities fraud.
Settlement: Injunctive relief action under California Voting Rights Act to eliminate discriminatory at-large elections for the City of Santa Barbara.
Confidential Settlement: Represented 175 cancer victims and their families for injury and wrongful death against Boeing.

Employment Litigation

Defense Verdict: A jury rejected a $27 million lawsuit filed by a large multi-billion-dollar corporation against a smaller, competing company.
Verdict: $23.3 million jury verdict in a wrongful and retaliatory employee termination, breach of contract and slander case.
Defended: Successfully defended Santa Barbara’s regional newspaper against charges brought by the Teamsters Union and the National Labor Relations Board.

Catastrophic Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Settlement: $4.8 million to parents of a teenager killed in a wrong-way driver accident.
Verdict: $16.2 million jury verdict to parents of son who drowned in defendants’ swimming pool while attending day camp.

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